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Stages of development 

Geoliss company (REL MGRT Ltd) was established in 1995 by Andreev Nikolay Mikhailovich, the graduate of Geophysical Department of the Leningrad Mining Institute ( National Mineral Resources  Mining University). 

In the beginning of the 90-ies, having analyzed the experience of European countries, it became apparent that one not just could but had to deal with the wide range of radon problems in the Russian Federation! There was nothing for it but firmly to convince building owners and adverse authorities of the cities in the feasibility of performing such activities as the Federal law did not exist at that time and it was not expected for the following three years. 

We have over 20 years of experience providing geophysical services to the groundwater, mining, oil & gas, and natural resource exploration industries.  Our geophysicists, geologists and hydrologists are dedicated to finding solutions using industry-best equipment and unconventional methods with a focus on safety, quality and innovation.  

We have developed a biogeophysical method (BGP) which we consider as the most efficient tool for groundwater prospecting along with a resonant-acoustic profiling (RAP) and a transient electromagnetic method (TEM).  

Our competitive advantages:
  • Geoliss has been successfully working and developing since 1995, providing services in various fields of applied geology, geophysics and ecology. Leading experts are active members of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE); 
  • Focus of the company efforts aimed at improving the technology of prospecting and exploration of underground water, ore deposits and oil & gas; 
  • Over the years, we came to understand the behavior of the radioactive gas radon, which allows us to conduct effective and efficient for the builder protection work from radon in buildings; 
  • Systematically increasing the geography of our operations. In 2012 activities of the company went beyond Russia: implemented projects in Italy, Tajikistan and Bulgaria; 
  • We are proud of our team of highly paid professionals who work on the result (organization management did everything possible so that they were not profitable to do the work slow and bad); 
  • Today the company has the necessary manpower, material and technical base and professional experience for the operational organization and quality performance of geophysical operations throughout the world ; 
  • All works are used for mineral exploration does not harm the environment (no logging, drilling pits, not heavy and massive ATVs are used); 
  • We will not burden you with technical terms, we will help you make a competent technical task, try to give detailed answers to your questions and resolve any problems; 
  • Reasonable prices. 

All mentioned above is the formula for success of the enterprise and it helped us to overcome the recent crises successfully.  

We are sure that cooperation with us will be a guarantee of the qualitative performance of the work and will contribute into the improvement of living standards.

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